Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the CaughtUp Team?

View our Contact Page

Why is the app SLOW sometimes?

The app is slow if no other user is using the application. Our servers are put into a sleeping state to conserve resources when they are not being used. This means that when you first send a message, the servers have to be woken up. Once awake all future messages will be sent FAST. In the future when there are multiple users on the app, the servers will be sleeping less so messages will be sent fast as expected.

Why does the app exit/crash when I try to send a picture?

The app exits/chashes becasue it does not have permission to use your camera or access storage to upload a photo.

  • Android Solution: open 'Settings', then go to 'Apps', then go to 'CaughtUp', and give the app permission to access storage and use the camera.
  • iOS Solution: open 'Settings', scroll to the list of the apps, select 'CaughtUp', and give the app permission to access storage and use the camera.

How come the app seems to be unresponsive sometimes?

The app may seem unresponsive sometimes because we have not added all loading indicators everywhere yet. You can find our development progress on YouTube. We are currently focused on developing the logic for the functionality of the app. If you would like to get updates on our progress, follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn.

What is CaughtUp?

CaughtUp is a mobile application designed to make scheduling meetings with your friends easier.
More specifically, CaughtUp is a messaging and scheduling app that allows you to share your flexible time with friends so they know when you can and want to hangout. Take out the guessing of when a friend wants to hangout or when a friend is available.

Why should I use CaughtUp?

Making plans takes time. And when you have to worry about your job or school sometimes it just isn't very appealing to sit down for minutes (maybe even hours) trying to find that perfect timeslot were all your friends are available. “I'm free Monday, let's hangout!” “Sorry, I'm busy Monday. Can you do Friday?” “Well, I can't do Friday, what about Sunday?” “I'm available Sunday but only from 3 to 4.” We've all been there, and it's frustrating. Especially when you find out all of your friends had Wednesday available, but it just never came up in the conversation.

CaughtUp is here to fix that. You just have to let it know when you want to “catch up” and we'll make sure your friends know you're available. Don't lose out on great memories and keep your friends face to face.

Why wouldn't I just use [insert some name here]?

Competitors tend to focus too much on long term planning. Which completely ignores the magic of spontaneous meetings. Or focus on other goals such as dating. We operate under the belief that we all have busy schedules, but that shouldn't be an excuse to miss out on great memories. We want you to keep up your busy and productive life, but still have the opportunity to keep your friends face to face.

How do I view my friend's flexible time?

Click on their profile picture in while in the friends home page. (This is still in development.)

How do I share my flexible time with friends?

Add an event in the Schedule page and your friends will be able to see that you have free time. You can also add information such what you want to do (Hangout, Eat, Exercise, or Not Sure) and a note for additional information. (This is still in development.)

Is CaughtUp free?

Yes, you can enjoy our app without having to spend a penny.

How do I invite my friends to download CaughtUp?

Share this website with them. We're looking for Beta Users

How do I update my Account?

Click on update profile in the application. (In development.)

How do I delete my Account?

    Contact us. Sorry, this feature is still in development.