With just a glance to your phone, you see who can meet up for lunch, go to the gym or grab some coffee.
Avoid the needless back and forth messaging.

Android Pre-Release

CaughtUp Pre-Release is available for Android on the Google Play Store. The purpose of this is to help get design feedback and catch bugs to improve on the application.



CaughtUp is available for iOS on the App Store.



Features that help you stay in the moment rather than stay on your phone.

See Friends Availabilities

Trying to meetup with your rock climbing friends? Stop asking "When are you available?"

No need to guess or track when friends are available since you can view overlapping free time.

Group Chats & Shared Events

You're the event coordinator trying to keep track of who is going to an event.

We'll help coordinate, keep track of who's attending, & remind others of event plans so you don't have to.

Event Reminders

Your family keeps a shared calendar on the refrigerator and you get invites via text/emails/etc to remember.

Your parents could create shared events to keep everyone informed even if the event changes.

Event Suggestions

You don't have any plans this Saturday and are looking for options.

Check the app to find events that your friends are doing and are okay with you joining.

Event Visibility Labeling (In Development)

You have a roommate and you keep asking them when they are available and they keep repeating to you when they have work.

They can allow you to see events, such as when they work or are going to the gym.

Calendar Syncing (Early Release feature)

Adopting a new system is scary and could be a hassle.

Integrate and continue using your current calendars.

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