CaughtUp Community Guidelines

Effective: July 3, 2023

Welcome to the CaughtUp community!

TWe created these Community Guidelines to support our mission to To assist you in developing and maintaining relationships, while making sure CaughtUp Users can use our services safely every day.

The goals of our community are to:

  • Facilitate creating quality time with other community members
  • Spending your time more effectively
  • Foster a safe, inclusive, and diverse environment

These Guidelines apply to all content (which includes all forms of communication, like text, images, links or attachments, emojis and creative tools). We've outlined here and in our Terms of Service ( ) specific rules for content that is prohibited on CaughtUp.

Encouraged Behaviors

  • Offer some assistance to those that need help
  • Consider introduce yourself to new groups you`ve been invited to
  • Initiate creating events and inviting others you may not know well yet
  • Feel free to post questions and start discussions to clarify planning details
  • Treat others as you would treat them in real life
  • Be polite and communicate with respect
  • Respect the privacy of other community members
  • Utilize mentors and community admins for support

Not Permitted Behaviors

  • Harassment & Bullying
    • We prohibit bullying or harassment of any kind. If someone blocks you, you may not contact them from another account.
    • Trolling is prohibited.
  • Terrorism & Hate Speech
    • Racism, sexism and any other discrimination are prohibited.
  • Violence
    • Encouraging violence or dangerous behavior is prohibited.
  • Spam
    • We disallow spam and deceptive practices, including imitating CaughtUp or CaughtUp LLC.
  • Illegal activities
    • Don`t use CaughtUp for any illegal activity.
  • Explicit material
    • We prohibit accounts that promote or distribute pornographic content.


In the event of someone violating these guidelines, we will take action to protect other members of the group. This might include a warning or in the event of extreme or repeat behavior, the member may be banned from the community.

If you experience or witness any behavior that doesn`t follow our community guidelines, please contact us directly at . All reports are kept confidential.