About Us

Once Upon A Time

Stephen, one of the company's founder, woke up one day and discovered that he had no friends. Well, none that could hang out with him. His regular friends were either busy or didn't reply.
So he gave up...
He pitched the idea to Luis and they started writing the CaughtUp app.
Everyday, it seems that the stars and the heavens need to align for people to meet up. It doesn't have to be this way.
Today, the CaughtUp team is preparing to launch their android and ios app in **May 1, 2023**.

About CaughtUp

Our mission is to assist people in developing and maintaining relationships.

We build software that helps you keep up with family, friends, and acquaintances.

The problem we are trying to solve is that planning meetups can be frustrating. There's miscommunication, no communication, or a lot of back and forth texting. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, full time university/college students have 4 hours of free time on a weekday. From our personal research 70 percent of people prefer spending their free time with other people regardless of the activity.

Our solution is an Application that houses people's free time. Imagine you just finished your busy schedule and want to hang out. You just simply pull out your phone and you can quickly see which of your friends have matching free time. With the press of a button you send them an invitation and voila! If multiple people send and accept an invitation the app automatically groups you together.

About Our Philosophy

As busy college students we noticed that people start to drift away. And we asked ourselves, what's the point of a friend list with a 100+ people, if you'll never even see half of them in person?

CaughtUp will help you gain and maintain more meaningful relationships. Our motto is “keep your friends face to face” because we believe that in the modern era it's a little too easy to stay behind a screen and miss out on living the moments.

About Our Journey

We have learned a lot from developing our business and are open to sharing our lessons with you. We do not see why good lessons should go to waste. Ask us a question.