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Stephen Tan

CEO & Lead Developer

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Luis Cabrera

Webmaster & Artist

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Richard Tan

Concept & Business Development

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Special Thanks

These are the people that in one way or another have helped us throughout our journey. We have learned a lot from you and won't be where we are today without you.

  • Natalie Stone - For assisting with market development.
  • Pierina Galvez - For you for leading concept and design development.
  • Nico Palanca - For once managing the team, managing partners, and for assisting in customer discovery.
  • Ryan Dougherty - For assisting in pitch competitions and questioning if people would adopt this product. It's hard to accept that what we're working on may not be useful.
  • Jared Samonte - For assisting in mobile application development. For exploring the frontier of creating walk-through videos there's been improvement with each new video.
  • Omar Hasan - For assisting with web app development onboarding process.
  • Josh Sutton - For once leading customer discover and assisting in legal documents.
  • Arjun Bhalodia - For assisting in brainstorming features, brainstorming designs, and developing the recruitment process.
  • Aditya Sekhani - For assisting Pierina with Mobile app design and prototype customer discovery.
  • Delia Fernandez - For assisting Pierina with Mobile app design and prototype customer discovery.
  • Brendan Lorn - For assisting with mobile development.
  • Julia Ortega - Assisted with our recruitment process & VT Kickstart Executive Summary.
  • John Heberle - Assisted with perfecting how to pitch CaughtUp & our revenue model/plan.
  • Richard Tan - Stephen Tan's brother that was with us at the start assisting with business. decisions & direction.
  • Chase Leuchtmann - Assisted with developing our Product-Dev Onboarding process & concept design.
  • Kristen Halper - Assisted with concept development, mobile app design, presentation design.
  • Kirby Emerson - Assisted with the initial concept development & initial app sketches.