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Introducing CaughtUp, a scheduler for your social life.

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Why are we making this company? 🏗️

Have you ever missed out on a fun event because you didn't know your friends were going? Do you struggle to find time to hang out with your friends amid your busy schedule? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. Many people face the same challenges when it comes to coordinating meetups and maintaining relationships.

Coordinating meetups is a hassle because of constant back-and-forth messaging to get people's availability, which gets exponentially harder the more schedules there are involved. This leads to missed opportunities, wasted time, and weakened relationships. But what if there was a better way to plan your social life?

Meet CaughtUp, your new BFF 🙌

That's what we, the CaughtUp team, are working on. We are not just a group of engineers, business people, and marketers. We are friends that are passionate about our project and our mission that have different skills, backgrounds, and perspectives that make us stronger and more creative. We care about relationships and want to make socializing easier and more enjoyable. We have created CaughtUp, a scheduler for your social life. CaughtUp is an app that allows you to let others know when you're available and tells you what others are doing in the future so that you can meetups with friends easily and efficiently.

How does CaughtUp work? It's simple and awesome 😎

There are three core things people care about when making plans and CaughtUp improves those experiences.

  • Discovering events your friends are interested in or attending, and join them with a click. No more missing out on the fun, or wasting time browsing through irrelevant options.
  • Scheduling events with your friends in seconds. Just select a group of friends, check their availability, and suggest an event. No more back and forth messages, or conflicting calendars.
  • Sharing events with your friends easier. You can share events via a url that you can post to your story, send to your groups, or alternatively just add them to your friends' calendars. We also make it easier to see who's going, chat with them, get event info, and share photos. No more confusion, or forgetting the details.

Think about it. How do you currently get plans going and what can be improved. That's what we did.

Who is CaughtUp for? You and your squad 💯

CaughtUp is designed for us 😂. Sorry not sorry. It's for college students and early career professionals who have varying schedules and value meeting up with others socially or for project purposes. We know there is a market for this because we have experienced the same challenges, conducted surveys to validate our assumptions, and get downloads. CaughtUp helps us stay connected with friends, make new ones, and balance our academic, professional, and social life.

Why should you choose CaughtUp? Because we rock 🤘

CaughtUp has a team that's passionate about improving how we live who are organized, have good work ethic, and use the app. We have a unique product that creates a great user experience that's only getting better. Whenever someone checks the app, there's always a perfect activity for them to do with their friends that could be planned. Checking the app = having a perfect fun-filled weekend.


In conclusion, we are doing something amazing with CaughtUp. We are creating a scheduler for your social life that helps you find time and plan meetups with your friends. It solves the problem of coordinating meetups and enhances your relationships. It also offers a variety of activities and a great user experience that makes your social life more fun and fulfilling.

We are doing this because we believe in the power of relationships and the joy of socializing. We want to help people connect with each other and have memorable experiences. We want to make the world a happier and more connected place.

If you want to join the CaughtUp community and enjoy the benefits of our app, download it today from the App Store or Google Play. You can also visit our website at www.caughtup.app to learn more about us and our mission. We hope to see you soon on CaughtUp! 😊

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February 9, 2024
Created by Stephen Tan

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