How to keep up with friends?
Friendships are important.

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Friendships are important, but they can be hard to maintain in a busy world. This article will show you how to communicate, schedule, and have fun with your friends. You will also learn about some apps and tools that can help you stay connected and enjoy your friendship.

Here are some ways to keep up with friends and schedule time:

Communicate regularly

You can communicate with friends through texting, email, phone calls, video chats, or letters.

Schedule time

You can schedule friendships on your calendar, set aside time to see friends during the week, or take turns between friends and partners on weekends.

Plan events

You can start a new tradition or friend's night, host a book club, movie night, or game night, or make dinner together.

Do things together

You can go for a walk, exercise, volunteer, or attend a class or course together.

Use apps

You can use apps like CaughtUp to make plans with friends.

CaughtUp understands your problem and brings a solution to keep your bonds intact for lifetime. How? Let’s find out!

Other ways to keep in touch with friends include:

  • Scheduling coffee dates
  • Sending compliment cards
  • Hosting a gift exchange
  • Reliving good times in a photo album
  • Setting up reminders

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January 25, 2024
Created by Stephen Tan

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