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You might want to read this.

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“Hi, i am Saarah. My work schedule is usually tight as heck. I barely get time for myself. I’m constantly juggling to manage my home chores. This is really taking a toll on my social life. I’ve started spending less time with family. And my friends? I can't remember the last time I met them. I feel guilty about it.

But you know what? Friendship is a two-way road. If I ain’t getting time, then my friends should make efforts to keep the bond intact. Why should I be the one taking responsibility? It’s so disappointing that they aren’t. I miss them. Wish they could find time to rekindle our bonds.”

If you pictured yourself as Saarah while reading this, we feel for you. You are not alone. A lot of people resonate with Saarah.

But to be honest, expecting others to make time for you ain’t fair, right? Your friends can be busy too. Who knows, they might be struggling to manage time too and reminiscing the good old days, thinking to see you one day.

So why not bridge the gap and find a solution?

Meet CaughtUp!
CaughtUp understands your problem and brings a solution to keep your bonds intact for lifetime. How? Let’s find out!

1. Stop thinking, get syncin’!

We know coordination is hard. That’s where CaughtUp’s user-friendly interface and seamless integration helps you sync your calendar with your close ones. Calling up multiple times to meet your bestie? That’s so ancient. Just glance at your calendar, know when they are available, and instantly fix a coffee date, a movie night, or simply a catch-up call!

2. Let’s get proactive!

Ditch the "who'll make the first move" conundrum and take the lead to nurture your relationships. Waiting is boring. Surprise your friends with your creativity and plan unique experiences that match your gang’s vibes. CaughtUp ensures that quality time with friends and family becomes a delightful reality.

3. Stalk them... but for good

Imagine knowing your cousin's open mic night is next Wednesday, or your friend who promised to teach you Spanish is free next Saturday afternoon, or your mom who you've been meaning to call has a free slot tomorrow evening - all in one place. No more juggling multiple platforms, no more double-booking, and definitely no more missing birthdays!

So, fellas, time to toss the procrastination and excuses out of the window. Embrace 'reaching out' and 'catching up'. Download CaughtUp and bring back the joy of making impromptu plans, minus the scheduling mayhem. Stay connected, stay informed, and most importantly, stay human in this digital age.

After all, life's too short to wait for the perfect moment, right? Simply make every moment perfect with CaughtUp.

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July 20, 2023
Created by Stephen Tan

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